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Thank you for visiting my web site. If you have any questions about my campaign, or if you would like to share your ideas and concerns about Indiana's future, please contact me.

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Nuvo Selects David O as Best Politician:

"Whether he's showing up to speak at a rally in support of Planned Parenthood, marching with his wife and kids in the Pride parade, introducing brilliant legislation in the House of Representatives or having the courage to stand up against the majority even -- and especially -- when it is wrong, we think David Orentlicher exemplifies the American principles of freedom and equality and, for that, he is the best politician we know." July 25, 2007

The Indianapolis Star Endorses David O:

"Orentlicher deserves the nod for his four years of thoughtful initiative on such vital issues as child protection, education and health care. A professor of law and medicine with specialties in constitutional law and medical ethics, he brings a rare level of expertise to the office." October 19, 2006.



"It has been a great privilege to represent you in the State House since 2002. Thanks very much for giving me the opportunity to serve."

Our legislative website can be found at:

View David O on education here.

A doctor, lawyer, and teacher, David Orentlicher is first a husband and father. He has worked for what's right for Indiana families--good jobs, strong schools, and affordable health care.

David and his wife Judy live with their son Cy and daughter Shayna in an older neighborhood on the northwest side of Indianapolis. Teachers at Indiana University, they are active in their city and their congregation. They believe that people build communities.

"I know that by working together, we Hoosiers can secure the good life that we already have and make it even better. That's why I'm running for re-election.  And that's why I'm asking for your support."

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